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One Foot In Atlantis by William Henry


One Foot In Atlantis by William Henry

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One Foot In Atlantis by William Henry


Is America the new Atlantis? What ancient relics did the Nazis search for? What did F.D.R. find when he searched for the reincarnated Jesus in 1934?

After fifteen years of occult research, investigative mythologist William Henry offers conclusive evidence that WWII was a Holy War between two competing religion. In this exhilarating book, he details extraordinary discoveries such as:

  • F.D.R. and Hitler were competing to lead humanity into a new Golden Age: the New Atlantis.. 

  • F.D.R. was seeking the reincarnated Jesus in Mongolia in 1934.

  • F.D.R. and Hitler were seeking to control ancient, possibly Atlantean, religious artifacts for communicating with the gods and opening gateways into other dimensions.

Drawing on archaeological, historical, and occult sources, Henry identifies the Atlantis myth as the golden thread linking all of civilization. William offers the startling conclusion that we are now facing a new Atlantean moment with Human Civilization in the balance.

One Foot in Atlantis offers a radical challenge to the orthodox history of WWII. It may be the most insightful look ever at the occult history of WWII and its influence on new Age politics.

249 Pages

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