Special Offer: Mind Control DVD and Technologies of the 21st Century DVD Freight Paid


Special Offer: Mind Control DVD and Technologies of the 21st Century DVD Freight Paid

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Special Offer: Mind Control DVD and Technologies of the 21st Century DVD Freight Paid


DVD’s by best selling author Dr. Nick Begich

The Earth Rising Series represents the major topics of interest to Earthpulse Press over the last ten years. This series explores the major technology issues facing this generation. These well researched video presentations are intended to supplement the information developed for the Internet and printed in our published books, articles and essays. As an investigative reporter and educator Dr. Nick Begich delivers a lucid and clear presentation on these topics while presenting thought provoking material intended to stimulate discussion  and well reasoned debate.

Mind Control:A Brave New World or Enhancing Human Performance

Manipulation of the mind, emotions and physical health of people through new applied technologies continues to draw the attention of military planners around the world. Best selling author and lecture, Dr. Nick Begich will present the most startling advances in this area of technology for both military and private sector uses. The presentation will provide in depth information, demonstrations, background and forecasts of development of these areas of science as they affect our society and individual freedom. Enhancing human performance or controlling human outcomes will be the challenge of the century raising serious questions on the ethics of the science of mind control. Control of the human mind by external means is now a reality – how we use this technology is the next challenge for this generation. Approximate running time 2 hours.

ISBN- 1-890693-50-2
DVD List Price       $20.00 USd

Technologies in the 21st Century

Technologies that will transform our lives are advancing rapidly raising serious questions about privacy, safety and their proper uses. Military planners and others are attempting to use these breakthroughs to create a more directed and controlled society while ignoring the positive applications of many of these new discoveries. This video delivers an overview and update on the HAARP material, cell phones, privacy, underwater sonars other areas of technology. The challenges these new technologies present will shape the nature of freedom and liberty in ways never contemplated in the past. Systems have been developed which will have far reaching effects on the environment, human health and the direction of free people. The DVD includes discussion intended to stimulate debate and while educating the public on these pressing issues of the 21st century. Approximate running time 2 hours.

ISBN- 1-890693-51-0
DVD List Price       $20.00 USd



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