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First Elements Dietary Supplement



First Elements Dietary Supplement

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First Elements™ Dietary Supplement


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Supplement Facts

First Elements™, Silica Hydride powder proprietary blend. We are introducing a new dietary supplement line called Earthpulse Nanotronic Nutrients™ for use in overall health maintenance. First Elements was formulated in Germany and outperforms similar silica hydride products. The nanotronic foods researched by Earthpulse and its affiliates in Europe have resulted in a number of new supplements being formulated and selected over the last six years.

First Elements™ provides energy and, over a week's time, allows the body to return to a more alkaline healthful condition. Similar products sell for more that twice the price. First Elements™ is a high-energy compound with antioxidant properties and a unique colloidal carrier system. First Elements™ has been synthesized to replicate the characteristics of Hunza water known for both energy and health-sustaining attributes. Negative Ions have been injected into organized structures made of silica nano-particles boosting both physical capacity and mental clarity. – 90, 300 milligram vegicaps per bottle.

These statements have not been evaluates by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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